Chubby cheeks. Dimple chin. Rosy lips. Teeth within. But, how are those teeth?

Whether you are a teenager who just entered college or a to-be-bride, you definitely aspire a perfectly photogenic smile for all your pictures on Snapchat and Instagram. However, imperfect teeth or a crooked smile might ruin the entire glow in your face.

You can do wonders to your mouth with simple dental treatments like these…

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  1. Teeth-whitening

    With this, you feel great as your teeth become brighter and whiter in less than an hour. It is extremely effective, safe and very fast.

  2. Invisalign

    This includes correcting a broad range of orthodontic issues such as overly crowned teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbite, overbite and underbite.

  3. Dental implants

    Through this service, your damaged or missing teeth will be replaced with permanent lifelike implants.

  4. Bonding and veneers

    If there are any broken, chipped or badly stained teeth, they can now be replaced with this service.

  5. Bridges and crowns

    One of the most common dental problems can now be treated painlessly by filling the gaps.

Dental operation

One should never ignore even a slight pain in the mouth. Ignoring it can turn it into a big problem later. Even a slight problem like sensitivity from eating too cold and too hot eatables is dangerous in the long run.

Chewing clove or keeping ice on an aching tooth is just a momentary way out. Consulting a good dentist can, not only save you from a lot of inconvenience and pain later but, also give you a permanent solution soon enough.

Also, dentists all over the world advise that getting a dental check-up once in three months is a must. You not only find out about the flaws in your teeth but, also discover the new technologies coming this way.

Did you know that removing decay from your teeth is now a painless procedure? Staibono Dental Group has a no drills or needles involved. They use the new air abrasion technique to gently blow away decay without the discomfort of drills and needles.

Also, do you remember that fake mercury tooth that some of the senior citizens around you might have? Well, now if you have a broken or a crooked tooth, you don’t need to have a mercury tooth instead. Technology has developed a lot here. Staibono uses mercury-free composite fillings that offer a strong durable and great-looking alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

Thus, treat a problem as soon as you suspect one. The smile after the treatment will be pain-free and the one filled with joy. Cheers!

Did you ever have a chronic dental problem that gave you sleepless nights? Share with us your experience in the comments below.