Your Teeth are Eager to Chew on These Foods

Oral health is important to most of us as we do not like visiting the dentist. In some situations, visiting the dentist in unavoidable, but in some cases, we can avoid it. If you want to limit your visits to a dentist too, you need to start taking better care of your teeth. Food is what causes the most damage to our teeth.


This is why it is advised to brush twice a day to ensure that no food gets stuck in your teeth and causes decay. But there is something more you can do for your teeth. You can eat certain food items that are actually good for your teeth and will strengthen them and not cause any harm.

Here are certain food items that are good for your teeth

  1. Tea

    This is for the first time that someone is actually recommending tea. Both green, as well as black tea, contain a component called polyphenol which slows the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This leads to lesser cavities and hence, less tooth decay.

  2. Crunchy foods

    Chewing helps break the plaque that is accumulated in the mouth and works as an effective cleansing technique. When you eat crunchy foods, it requires you to chew more number of times than when you eat soft foods. Also, when you chew more, you salivate more. This also helps cleanse the bacteria from the mouth. This is why chewing sugar-free chewing gums are also considered as a good way to maintain oral hygiene.

  3. Cheese

    Consuming cheese is another way to keep your teeth healthy as this milk product reduces the acid levels in your mouth and protects the tooth enamel. Cheese also neutralizes the plaque in the mouth and is therefore considered good for the teeth.


  4. Vitamins

    Calcium and phosphorous help keep the tooth enamel strong and healthy. This is why consuming calcium-rich food items like almonds, leafy vegetables, cheese, and phosphorous-rich foods like eggs, fish, meat etc. are considered good for the teeth.

  5. Raisins

    Even though raisins are considered to be sweet, they do not cause any damage to the teeth. This is because it does not contain sucrose. Also, raisins contain phytochemicals, which kills the bacteria. This protects your teeth from decaying and also prevents many gum diseases.

  6. Milk

    It is rightly said, ‘You are never too old for a glass of Milk.’ We are all aware of the many health benefits of milk. But did you know that milk is also good for your teeth? Yes, milk is high in calcium and so it helps keep your teeth strong. It also reduces the acid levels in your mouth. Since there is less acid, the level of bacteria formed in the mouth also reduces and so the chances of cavities and tooth decay go down.

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