Now that I am old, will she still take my tooth?

Tooth fairy traditions are heard, said and believed by children all over this world. Some believe that the broken tooth is bartered for treats such as chocolates, candies, etc. with the tooth fairy whereas some believe a wish is fulfilled instead of the tooth. Different regions, different tales.

Portrait Of A Female Dentist And Young Man In A Dentist Office.
However, the most believable tale was one where children were told that a tooth fairy will take away their tooth to make them feel at ease while losing that tooth.
Well, even an adult has to lose his or her tooth sometimes! It is when the tooth gets damaged. A good dentist is a modern version of a tooth fairy and thus, eases out all the discomfort behind the loss of the tooth. Whether it is a root canal or dental implants, such dentists will have a very soft touch at it.

Following are the 5 things that dentist do to make your teeth perfect

1. Dental Implants

With this, they replace your missing or damaged teeth with permanent, lifelike implants.

2. Bonding and Veneers

This treatment restores your broken, chipped or badly stained teeth to their original beauty.

Professional Dentist Office
3. Crowns and Bridges

This way they can fill in the gaps in your smile and give your confidence a boost.

4. Denture Fittings and Repairs

Dentures are false teeth which are comfortable and lifelike.

5. Mercury-Free Filings and Repairs

Composite resin fillings offer a strong, durable, and great-looking alternative to traditional amalgam mercury fillings.
But, wait! Did you think that dentists make you suffer a lot with their needles and drills? Well, the technology has involved. They now use the new air abrasion technology to gently blow away decay without the discomfort of drills and needles. Find a dentist who uses it instead of those drills that cause a lot of pain.

There are the two types of treatments that come under dentistry

1. Oral problems

Do you feel a weird pain every time you eat something? Does an ache in the tooth not let you sleep at night? Consult a dentist and find out which problem you have. Be it tooth decay because of the cavities or Peritonitis because of some problem in the gums; let the dentist take care of it.

2. Cosmetic problems

Are there gaps between your teeth? Are you somewhat dissatisfied with your smile? Are your teeth yellow? Get a treatment from the dentist and be confident. Power teeth whitening is a procedure that can dramatically whiten your teeth in less than an hour.

Thus, if you have even a slight problem get your teeth repaired, fixed or repaired from a good dentist. A beautiful smile and sparkling teeth are just a painless treatment away.

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