Be careful how your treat your teeth. They can be sensitive too.

Yes. It’s true. Just like our hearts, our teeth can be sensitive too. And just like the problems of the heart, the problems that sensitive teeth can cause can also make our lives troublesome. It can really make it difficult to eat or drink and also make your nights sleepless.

I know it all does sound like something we would go through after a break-up. But I am sure those of you who have sensitive teeth will agree with me. Sensitive teeth literally make it difficult to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like a hot cup of coffee or a cup of delicious ice-cream.

What causes sensitivity in teeth?


If we brush our teeth too hard or have damaged or decayed teeth, the gums of our teeth pull back and do not cover the surface of the teeth anymore. This exposes the dentin, which has many tiny tubes that are linked to the nerve centre of the teeth. Hence, cold, hot and sweet food reaches the nerves of the tooth and that is what causes sensitivity.

How to prevent sensitivity in teeth?

1. This goes without saying that you should brush twice daily. But make sure that you do not brush aggressively or use a brush with hard bristles. Also, use toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth. These kinds of toothpaste have an active ingredient called potassium nitrate that helps block the tiny tubules in the dentin. Clean your mouth effectively by rinsing it with a fluoride and antiseptic mouthwash every day. Also flossing your teeth can help maintain good oral hygiene.

2. Avoid acidic foods as these can cause the tooth enamel to wear off. Try to use a straw when drinking soda so that it does not come in contact with the teeth. Also, do not brush immediately after consuming acidic food as this makes the enamel soft and can cause further damage to the teeth.

3. Do not grind your teeth as this can directly result in teeth sensitivity. Sometimes, people grind their teeth in their sleep. Even though there is no way of finding out if you do so, there are some clues that you could look out for, like early morning headaches and unexplained jaw aches. If you experience these, wearing a mouth guard is a good solution. This is will stop you from grinding your teeth in your sleep and will avoid your teeth from being damaged.

If you have sensitive teeth and it is making it difficult for you to even go about your normal daily routine, you need to see a dentist right away. Dr. Ralhan from Ralhan Dentistry is a family dentist in Oakville with over 15 years of experience in providing quality dentist and cosmetic services using industry standard equipment, techniques, and methods. Dr. Ralhan proudly serves Oakville and Burlington residents with two convenient dental locations – Cornerstone Dental and Oak Park Dental. At either of these offices, you can enjoy a personalized, comfortable, and professional dental experience.

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